10 Antique European Coins Worth $2k-$15k That Are Highly Desirable

Apr 21, 2024

Unearth the ancient treasure of a silver denarius minted during the reign of Roman Emperor Augustus, whose image remains a symbol of power and influence.

1. Silver Denarius of Roman Emperor Augustus

Journey back to the opulence of Venice and witness the exquisite beauty of a gold ducat, a coin sought after for its artistic elegance and historical significance.

2. Gold Ducat of Venice

Embark on a pirate's adventure with the legendary Spanish 8 Reales coin, known as the 'Piece of Eight' and revered for its association with treasure chests and tall ships.

3. Spanish 8 Reales 'Piece of Eight'

Step into the Victorian era and marvel at the regal splendor of an English Sovereign bearing the effigy of Queen Victoria, capturing the essence of a bygone era.

4. English Sovereign of Queen Victoria

Experience the magnificence of the Sun King's era through a French Louis d'or coin minted during the reign of King Louis XIV, a symbol of power and grandeur.

5. French Louis d'or of King Louis XIV

Witness the enduring legacy of Empress Maria Theresa with the Austrian Maria Theresa Thaler, a coin cherished for its historical significance and regal design.

6. Austrian Maria Theresa Thaler

Transport yourself to the Renaissance period and admire the Italian Florin, a coin from Florence known for its intricate design and cultural significance.

7. Italian Florin of Florence

Discover the remnants of the German Empire with a gold mark coin bearing the portrait of Kaiser Wilhelm II, a numismatic treasure hailing from a tumultuous era.

8. German Gold Mark of Kaiser Wilhelm II

Delve into Portuguese history with the Escudo coin of King Manuel II, a rare piece that embodies the grace and elegance of the last monarch of Portugal.

9. Portuguese Escudo of King Manuel II

Immerse yourself in the grandeur of Imperial Russia with a Russian Rouble bearing the image of Tsar Nicholas II, a coin steeped in rich history and tragic fate.

10. Russian Rouble of Tsar Nicholas II