10 Buried Treasures Valued $10k-$100k

Apr 21, 2024

Unearth the secrets of buried treasures worth $10k-$100k. Join us on a thrilling journey through history and legends!


Deep in Canada's Oak Island lies a mysterious money pit said to contain untold riches. Despite numerous attempts, nobody has managed to solve its riddles.

1. Oak Island Money Pit

The infamous pirate Blackbeard was known to have buried his treasure in various locations along the Atlantic coast. Will you be the one to find it?

2. Blackbeard's Treasure

Legend has it that a lost gold mine is hidden in Arizona's Superstition Mountains. Many have tried to find it, but the mine remains elusive.

3. Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine

In 1820, the treasure of Lima, a vast fortune in gold and silver, was hidden by Spanish authorities to protect it from pirates. Its location remains a mystery.

4. The Treasure of Lima

A set of encrypted codes holds the key to Beale's hidden treasure worth millions. Crack the codes and you may uncover the incredible riches.

5. Beale's Treasure

Renowned art dealer Forrest Fenn hid a chest filled with gold and jewels somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. Will you embark on the hunt?

6. Forrest Fenn's Treasure

The Flor de la Mar, a Portuguese treasure ship, sank off the coast of Sumatra in 1511. The lost treasure is rumored to be worth millions.

7. The Treasure of Flor de la Mar

Apart from the infamous Forrest Fenn treasure, there exists a lesser-known cache hidden somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. Will you uncover its secrets?

8. The Fenn Cache

In 2013, a couple stumbled upon $10 million worth of gold coins buried on their property in California. Who knows how many more hidden treasures await?

9. The Saddle Ridge Hoard

The Caribbean seas hold countless shipwreck treasures, from Spanish galleons to pirate loot. Dive into the depths and discover the riches of the past.

10. Shipwreck Treasures of the Caribbean