10 Delicious and Easy Mexican Dessert Recipes

Apr 30, 2024

Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. These cinnamon-sugar coated treats will transport you to the streets of Mexico.


Immerse yourself in the creamy goodness of this classic Mexican dessert. With three types of milk, it's a dreamy delight.

Tres Leches Cake

Indulge in the silky smoothness of flan. This caramel-infused custard is the perfect way to end a Mexican feast.


Experience the comforting flavors of rice pudding. This creamy delight is flavored with cinnamon and can be enjoyed hot or cold.

Arroz con Leche

These buttery, crumbly cookies are perfect for any celebration. Coated in powdered sugar, they melt in your mouth.

Mexican Wedding Cookies

Get a taste of fried pastry heaven with these golden pillows of dough. Drizzle with honey or sprinkle with cinnamon sugar.


Savor the unique flavors of sweet tamales. Made with masa dough and filled with fruit or chocolate, they're a delightful treat.


Indulge in the rich and velvety taste of Mexican chocolate. This creamy ice cream is spiced with cinnamon and a hint of chili.

Mexican Chocolate Ice Cream

Sip on a refreshing and tangy mango drink. Topped with chili powder and lime juice, it's the perfect balance of sweet and spicy.


Sink your teeth into these crispy fried pastries. Sprinkled with cinnamon sugar, they're a delightful snack or dessert.