10 Most Romantic Beaches in California You Have to See

Apr 17, 2024

Experience the charm of Carmel Beach with its stunning white sands, turquoise waters, and breathtaking sunsets. Perfect for a romantic stroll or a picnic by the sea.

Carmel Beach

El Matador Beach, with its dramatic cliffs, hidden caves, and crashing waves, offers a romantic escape from the bustling city. Explore the tide pools and watch the sunset.

El Matador Beach

Pfeiffer Beach boasts unique purple sand and stunning rock formations. Take a romantic walk along the shoreline and admire the picturesque views of Big Sur.

Pfeiffer Beach

Located in Malibu, Point Dume State Beach offers sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean and breathtaking cliffs. Share a romantic picnic overlooking the picturesque cove.

Point Dume State Beach

Escape to Coronado Beach, known for its pristine sandy shores and sparkling blue waters. Take a romantic bike ride along the shore or enjoy a sunset walk hand in hand.

Coronado Beach

Crystal Cove State Park features a picturesque beach and tide pools, perfect for exploring with your loved one. Enjoy a beachside picnic or go snorkeling together.

Crystal Cove State Park

Pismo Beach offers a romantic coastal escape with its golden sands, stunning sunsets, and charming beach town vibe. Enjoy a beachfront dinner or go horseback riding.

Pismo Beach

Santa Monica Beach is a vibrant and romantic destination. Take a romantic bike ride along the beachside promenade or enjoy a beachfront dinner at a trendy restaurant.

Santa Monica Beach

Manhattan Beach offers a romantic atmosphere with its picturesque pier, golden sands, and stunning sunsets. Take a leisurely stroll along the shore or try surfing together.

Manhattan Beach

Zuma Beach is a hidden gem with its wide sandy shores, sparkling waters, and scenic cliffs. Pack a romantic picnic and enjoy a day of sun, sand, and serenity.

Zuma Beach