10 Quiet California Beaches with Few People

Apr 17, 2024

Located in Big Sur, Pfeiffer Beach offers stunning rock formations, purple sand, and limited access, making it a quiet retreat for beach lovers.

1. Pfeiffer Beach

Nestled in Point Reyes National Seashore, Limantour Beach boasts expansive sandy shores, calm waters, and tranquility for those seeking solitude.

2. Limantour Beach

Discover the hidden gem of Moonstone Beach in Cambria. Its smooth pebbles, picturesque coastline, and lack of crowds make it a perfect spot for relaxation.

3. Moonstone Beach

Located near Lompoc, Jalama Beach offers pristine sandy shores, stunning ocean views, and a remote setting that ensures a peaceful beach experience.

4. Jalama Beach

Nestled in the heart of the Big Sur coastline, Sand Dollar Beach is known for its untouched beauty, dramatic cliffs, and the chance to find sand dollars.

5. Sand Dollar Beach

Located in Santa Cruz, Natural Bridges State Beach provides a serene atmosphere, tide pools, and breathtaking natural rock formations.

6. Natural Bridges State Beach

Escape the crowds at Crystal Cove State Beach in Orange County. This pristine stretch of coastline offers stunning views, tide pools, and quiet shores.

7. Crystal Cove State Beach

Immerse yourself in the tranquility of Montana de Oro State Beach. Explore hidden coves, tide pools, and enjoy the peacefulness of this scenic spot.

8. Montana de Oro State Beach

Experience the beauty of a quiet sunset at Sunset State Beach in Monterey County. Enjoy the picturesque views, calm waters, and a peaceful ambiance.

9. Sunset State Beach

Located in Point Reyes National Seashore, Kehoe Beach offers seclusion, stunning sandy dunes, and a serene atmosphere for the ultimate relaxation.

10. Kehoe Beach