10 Valuable Mexican Coins from $1k to $30k Each

Apr 21, 2024

Learn about the Mexican 1914 20 Pesos Coin, minted during the tumultuous Mexican Revolution, and its historical importance in shaping Mexican numismatics.

1. Mexican 1914 20 Pesos Coin

Explore the beauty of the Mexican 1920 50 Pesos Coin, known as the "Centenario", which commemorated the centennial of Mexican Independence.

2. Mexican 1920 50 Pesos Coin

Uncover the charm of the Mexican 1947 5 Pesos Coin, featuring the iconic Mayan calendar and considered one of the most beloved Mexican coins.

3. Mexican 1947 5 Pesos Coin

Discover the elegance of the Mexican 1953 20 Pesos Coin, bearing the image of Miguel Hidalgo, a heroic figure in the Mexican War of Independence.

4. Mexican 1953 20 Pesos Coin

Marvel at the scarcity of the Mexican 1953 $5 Pesos Coin, distinguished by its golden hue and the portrayal of Cuauhtémoc, the last Aztec emperor.

5. Mexican 1953 $5 Pesos Coin

Relive the excitement of the Mexican 1970 World Cup with the commemorative coins that honor this historic event, featuring iconic soccer players and memorable moments.

6. Mexican 1970 World Cup Commemorative Coins

Admire the beauty of the Mexican 1985 Mo Silver Libertad Coin, renowned for its intricate design and high silver content, a favorite among collectors.

7. Mexican 1985 Mo Silver Libertad Coin

Gaze upon the splendor of the Mexican 1992 Gold Libertad Coin, a masterpiece in gold bullion and a symbol of Mexico's rich cultural heritage.

8. Mexican 1992 Gold Libertad Coin

Explore the significance of the Mexican 1994 500 Pesos Coin, commemorating the 500th anniversary of Christopher Columbus' arrival in the Americas.

9. Mexican 1994 500 Pesos Coin

Marvel at the modern beauty of the Mexican 2009 100 Pesos Coin, featuring the iconic Angel of Independence and celebrating Mexico's national identity.

10. Mexican 2009 100 Pesos Coin