7 Animals That Have Multiple Hearts

Apr 17, 2024

Learn about the amazing animals that have evolved to have more than one heart.


Discover how the octopus uses its three hearts to efficiently power its complex body.


Find out how the earthworm's multiple hearts help it circulate blood and survive in its underground habitat.


Explore the hagfish and its four hearts, which work together to pump blood through its slime-producing glands.


Learn about the horseshoe crab and the remarkable properties of its blue blood, made possible by its multiple hearts.

Blue Blood

Discover the surprising fact that some insects, like the black widow spider, possess multiple hearts.


Find out how certain amphibians, such as the three-toed amphiuma, have two hearts to support their aquatic lifestyle.


Wrap up the journey into the world of animals with multiple hearts and marvel at the wonders of evolution.