7 Beautiful Desert Towns in California

Apr 17, 2024

Escape to the oasis of Palm Springs, known for its mid-century modern architecture and stunning mountain views.

1. Palm Springs

Experience the magic of Joshua Tree National Park, where the otherworldly landscape captivates all who visit.

2. Joshua Tree

Step into the hottest place on earth, Death Valley, and be awed by its vast salt flats and rugged landscapes.

3. Death Valley

Embrace the tranquility of Borrego Springs, where colorful wildflowers bloom in the heart of the desert.

4. Borrego Springs

Discover the captivating beauty of Mojave, a desert town surrounded by stunning rock formations and wide-open spaces.

5. Mojave

Explore the eclectic charm of Joshua Tree Village, a haven for artists and nature enthusiasts alike.

6. Joshua Tree Village

Experience the rugged desert beauty of Ridgecrest, where outdoor adventures await in every direction.

7. Ridgecrest