9 Valuable Asian Coins Worth $3k-$30k Each

Apr 21, 2024

Learn about the Koban, a gold coin from Japan's Edo period. Its circular shape and unique inscriptions make it highly sought after by collectors worldwide.

The Japanese Koban

Uncover the legendary Chinese Dragon Dollar, a silver coin that symbolizes power and wealth. Its intricate design and historical significance make it a valuable find.

The Chinese Dragon Dollar

Explore the beauty of the Indian Gold Mohur, a coin that dates back to the Mughal Empire. Its stunning motifs and rich history add to its allure.

The Indian Gold Mohur

Discover the rare Thai Bullet Coin, named for its unique shape resembling a bullet. These ancient coins are considered talismans against harm and bring good luck.

The Thai Bullet Coin

Unveil the Vietnamese Dragon Coin, a symbol of power, luck, and prosperity. Its depiction of a dragon and intricate details make it a prized possession.

The Vietnamese Dragon Coin

Unearth the Korean Tiger Tael, a coin that represents strength and protection. With its depiction of a tiger and historical significance, it holds immense value.

The Korean Tiger Tael

Dive into the world of Indonesian Rupiah coins, with their unique designs and cultural significance. Each coin tells a story of Indonesia's rich heritage.

The Indonesian Rupiah

Enter the realm of Malaysian Sen coins, featuring iconic landmarks and cultural symbols. These coins reflect Malaysia's diverse identity and heritage.

The Malaysian Sen

Unleash the power of the Singapore Lion Coin, an emblem of the nation's strength and resilience. Its majestic design captures the essence of Singapore.

The Singapore Lion Coin