Coppola's 'Megalopolis' Struggles for Big Deal: Movie Hard to Market

Apr 19, 2024

Francis Ford Coppola unveils his self-funded epic, 'Megalopolis,' to Hollywood heavyweights, igniting curiosity and nostalgia.

The Grand Unveiling

Costing $120 million and over 38 years in the making, 'Megalopolis' tells a captivating story of a metropolis rebuilt after destruction.

The Ambitious Project

Multiple sources reveal the challenges faced by 'Megalopolis' in finding a distribution partner. Will the movie ever reach the big screen?

The Uphill Battle

Attendees at the screening feel nostalgic but are aware of the business challenges that 'Megalopolis' presents.

The Nostalgic Reception

Boutique labels lack the budget for a grand marketing push. Can a studio-backed specialty label take on the task?

The Marketing Dilemma

Coppola's desire for an Imax release leads to a small screening at the Imax headquarters. Imax may provide support if the film finds distribution.

The Imax Connection

The March 28 screening receives a mixed response, leaving doubts about the film's potential success.

The Muted Response

Opinions differ on the film's commercial viability. Some see a potential home at a streaming platform, while others question its overall quality.

The Indie Experiment