Key NBA Trades that Fueled Recent Championships

Apr 18, 2024

The trade that led to Kawhi Leonard joining the Toronto Raptors, resulting in their victory over the Golden State Warriors in 2019.

Kawhi Leonard to Raptors

The acquisition of Marc Gasol strengthened the Toronto Raptors' championship run in 2019 as they defeated the Golden State Warriors.

Marc Gasol to Raptors

The trade that brought Anthony Davis to the Los Angeles Lakers, contributing to their championship win against the Miami Heat in 2020.

Anthony Davis to Lakers

The trade that saw Andrew Wiggins join the Golden State Warriors, leading to their victory over the Boston Celtics in 2022.

Andrew Wiggins to Warriors

The trade that brought Jrue Holiday to the Milwaukee Bucks and helped them secure the NBA championship in 2021.

Jrue Holiday to Bucks

The acquisition of Aaron Gordon by the Denver Nuggets, leading to their victory over the Miami Heat in 2023.

Aaron Gordon to Nuggets