Netflix's Top 10: ‘Ripley’ Gets Just 2.5M Views, ‘What Jennifer Did’ Tops List

Apr 19, 2024

Discover the top 10 most-watched titles on Netflix, from highly anticipated projects to unexpected successes.


Despite its talented cast, 'Ripley' struggles to gain viewership with only 2.5 million views in its first full week.

Disappointing Performance

'Sex and the City' fails to resonate with younger audiences, falling off the chart after debuting at No. 6.

Gen Z Disinterest

The crime documentary 'What Jennifer Did' dominates with 18 million views in its first five days, becoming the most-watched title of the week.

Crime Documentary Success

Surprisingly, the most-watched TV series is the South Korean limited series 'Parasyte: The Grey' with 9.8 million views.

International Sensations

Season 1 of the German drama 'Crooks' impresses with 5 million views, outpacing the English-language winner.

Thriving German Drama

For the third week in a row, '3 Body Problem' remains the most-watched English-language series with 4.8 million views.

Continued Success

'Unlocked: A Jail Experiment' captivates viewers with 3.9 million views, proving the popularity of unscripted content.

Unscripted Series

The top 10 list includes a range of genres, from documentaries like 'Testament: The Story of Moses' to supernatural series like 'I Woke Up a Vampire'.

Varied Offerings

Explore the diverse and ever-changing landscape of Netflix's most-watched titles, showcasing the platform's wide appeal.