Team USA CEO Urges Fair Treatment for Caitlin Clark's Olympic Bid

Apr 17, 2024

Iowa basketball star Caitlin Clark made a special appearance on Saturday Night Live.

Caitlin Clark on Saturday Night Live

Fans hope Caitlin Clark will be selected to join the women’s USA Basketball team and compete in the Paris Olympics.

Hopes for Olympic Selection

Including Caitlin Clark on the Team USA roster could bring commercial and viewership benefits for media partner NBCUniversal.

Commercial and Viewership Benefits

The CEO of the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee emphasizes the importance of fairness and equality in athlete selection.

Fairness and Equality

Caitlin Clark is playing the waiting game to see if she will be selected to represent Team USA in the Paris Olympics.

Waiting Game

Caitlin Clark's inclusion in the Olympic roster could increase anticipation among basketball fans worldwide.

Increasing Anticipation

The CEO of Team USA emphasizes the importance of clear, fair, and transparent selection procedures for athletes.

Written Selection Procedures

Current and former WNBA stars have voiced their opinions on Caitlin Clark's potential appearance in the Olympics.

Chiming In

Team USA CEO encourages letting the selection process unfold and waiting to see what happens.

Let the Process Unfold