The Unhappiest States in the US

Apr 17, 2024

Explore the 15 unhappiest states in the US based on factors like well-being, work environment, and community.

The Unhappiest States in the US

Wyoming, the least populated state, scores low in emotional well-being due to harsh weather and isolation.

Wyoming: Rugged Terrain and Isolation

Ohio ranks poorly in emotional and physical well-being, with mental health issues and infrastructure problems.

Ohio: Mental Health Issues and Poor Infrastructure

Oregon struggles with affordable housing, high cost of living, and rampant homelessness.

Oregon: High Cost of Living and Homelessness

Texas faces issues like food insecurity, limited access to mental healthcare, and high incarceration rates.

Texas: Food Insecurity and Limited Mental Healthcare

Indiana grapples with homelessness, substance abuse, and lack of affordable housing.

Indiana: Homelessness and Substance Abuse

Oklahoma has high poverty rates, food insecurity issues, and increased rates of unemployment and crime.

Oklahoma: Poverty and Food Insecurity

New Mexico faces environmental issues, high suicide rates, and poorly managed roads.

New Mexico: Drought and High Suicide Rate

Alaska's low population density, limited resources, and harsh weather contribute to unhappiness.

Alaska: Limited Resources and Harsh Conditions

Mississippi struggles with obesity, poverty, limited job opportunities, and racial inequality.

Mississippi: Obesity, Poverty, and Limited Job Opportunities

Alabama faces healthcare and social issues, including insomnia, opioid crisis, high crime rate, and racial injustice.

Alabama: Healthcare Issues and Social Problems