Top 10 Greatest Dunks in NBA Slam Dunk Contest History 2024

Apr 18, 2024

Vince Carter wowed the crowd with his iconic 'Elbow Dunk,' effortless soaring into basketball immortality.

Number 10: Vince Carter's 'Elbow Dunk' (2000)

MJ defied gravity, taking off from the free-throw line and delivering the most iconic dunk in NBA history.

Number 9: Michael Jordan's 'Free Throw Line Dunk' (1988)

Zach LaVine showcased his incredible athleticism and creativity, leaving fans in awe with his jaw-dropping 'Behind-the-Back Dunk.'

Number 8: Zach LaVine's 'Behind-the-Back Dunk' (2016)

The 'Human Highlight Film' Dominique Wilkins displayed his raw power and explosiveness, leaving everyone in astonishment.

Number 7: Dominique Wilkins' 'Power Dunk' (1985)

Aaron Gordon's creativity and showmanship shone bright as he wowed the crowd with his spectacular 'Under-the-Legs Dunk.'

Number 6: Aaron Gordon's 'Under-the-Legs Dunk' (2016)

Standing at just 5'7'', Spud Webb proved that size doesn't matter as he soared through the air with his awe-inspiring 'Vertical Leap Dunk.'

Number 5: Spud Webb's 'Vertical Leap Dunk' (1986)

Jason Richardson captivated the audience with his smooth and stylish 'Reverse Jam,' showcasing his incredible athleticism.

Number 4: Jason Richardson's 'Reverse Jam' (2003)

Dwight Howard transformed into Superman, donning a cape and delivering a jaw-dropping dunk that brought the crowd to its feet.

Number 3: Dwight Howard's 'Superman Dunk' (2008)

Zach LaVine paid tribute to the iconic 'Space Jam' movie, recreating Michael Jordan's dunk and leaving fans in awe of his athleticism.

Number 2: Zach LaVine's 'Space Jam Dunk' (2015)

Michael Jordan revolutionized the dunk contest with his electrifying 'Rock-the-Cradle Dunk,' forever etching his name in basketball history.

Number 1: Michael Jordan's 'Rock-the-Cradle Dunk' (1984)