Top 10 Valuable Morgan Silver Dollars: 2024 Guide

Apr 20, 2024

Explore the world of Morgan silver dollars and the top 10 most valuable coins in this enchanting web story.


Learn about the 1893-S Morgan silver dollar, the highest selling Morgan silver dollar ever, valued at over $2 million!

Highest Selling Morgan Silver Dollar

Discover the 1893-S Morgan dollar, the single rarest Morgan dollar made for circulation, with a value of over $1 million!

The Rarest Circulation Morgan Dollar

Uncover the rarity of the 1884-S Morgan dollar in uncirculated condition, with a potential value of over $100,000!

Rare Uncirculated Coin

Learn about the 1889-CC Morgan silver dollar, the #1 rarity from the Carson City mint, valued at five figures!

#1 Rarity from Carson City

Explore the 1895-O and 1895-S Morgan dollars, worth anywhere from $150 to $700,000 in uncirculated condition!

Worthwhile 1895 Morgan Dollars

Discover the 1895 Morgan dollar, known as 'The King of Morgan Dollars,' with a mintage of only 880!

The King of Morgan Dollars

Unveil the 1893-CC Morgan dollar, the final issued coin for CC Morgan silver dollars from the Carson City mint.

Final Coin from Carson City

Delve into the value of the 1885-CC Morgan dollar, one of the most valuable Morgans from the Carson City mint.

Valuable 1885-CC Morgan Dollar

Explore the 1894 Morgan silver dollar, a good date coin with values ranging from $1,000 to over $50,000!

Good Date Morgan Dollar

Discover the high-quality 1903-S Morgan silver dollar, worth anywhere from $25,000 to $50,000 or even more!

High-Quality 1903-S Silver Dollar

Uncover the scarcity of the 1879-CC Morgan dollar, a scarce issue coin with a range of values depending on condition.

Scarce Issue: 1879-CC

Find out the factors that contribute to the value of Morgan silver dollars, including mint location, year, and condition.

The Value of Morgan Dollars

Learn about the legacy of Morgan silver dollars and their significance as a collectible US minted coin.

Legacy of Morgan Silver Dollars

Wrap up your journey through the world of Morgan silver dollars and their historical and monetary value.