Treasures of the Past: Top 8 Rare Ancient Roman Coins

Apr 21, 2024

Step into the ancient world of Rome and explore the rare treasures it holds.


Observe the exquisite craftsmanship of the gold coin minted during the reign of Julius Caesar.

1. Aureus of Julius Caesar

Marvel at the silver denarius bearing the likeness of Augustus, the first emperor of Rome.

2. Denarius of Augustus

Witness the fascinating ancient coin featuring the infamous emperor Nero.

3. Sestertius of Nero

Admire the delicate details of the silver denarius crafted during Marcus Aurelius' reign.

4. Denarius of Marcus Aurelius

Explore the unique double-denarius coin issued by Gallienus, known for its distinctive radiate crown.

5. Antoninianus of Gallienus

Behold the stunning gold solidus, a symbol of Constantine the Great's reign and conversion to Christianity.

6. Solidus of Constantine the Great

Uncover the bronze As coin featuring the magnificent portrait of the Roman emperor Hadrian.

7. As of Hadrian

Discover the large brass Dupondius coin showcasing the grandeur of Emperor Trajan's rule.

8. Dupondius of Trajan