Undertaker Talks Controversy Over Muhammad Ali's WWE Hall of Fame Induction

Apr 20, 2024

The Undertaker discusses his reaction to the criticism he received for inducting Muhammad Ali into the WWE Hall of Fame and the controversy surrounding Ali's refusal of military service.

The Undertaker's Controversial Induction Speech

The Undertaker acknowledges Muhammad Ali's intense personal convictions that led to his refusal of military service, despite facing severe consequences to his career.

Muhammad Ali's Convictions

The Undertaker admits to resenting Muhammad Ali's choice for many years, but also recognizes Ali's humanitarian acts and strong personal convictions.

Undertaker's Resentment and Respect

The Undertaker shares his encounter with Muhammad Ali's wife, Yolanda Williams, and their conversation about the friendship between Ali and Elvis Presley.

Meeting Muhammad Ali's Wife

The Undertaker reflects on the timing of his induction speech, believing it happened too late in the evening when the crowd was tired after WWE SmackDown.

Timing of the Induction Speech

Despite the challenges and controversy, The Undertaker expresses his gratitude for the opportunity to induct the legendary Muhammad Ali into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Honored to Induct a Legend