Yankees' Promising Left Fielder Making Strides

Apr 19, 2024

Some of the Yankees' starting outfielders have been struggling in the 2024 season.

Struggling Outfielders

Alex Verdugo joined the Yankees this season after being acquired from the Boston Red Sox.

Alex Verdugo's Arrival

Verdugo is hitting .242/.342/.419 with two homers and five RBIs in the season.

Early Season Performance

Verdugo's numbers have been trending upwards over the past few days and weeks.

Improvements Over Time

Verdugo has impressive whiff and strikeout percentages, but his slugging metrics are lower.

Verdugo's Slugging Metrics

Verdugo has a perfect fielding percentage and has made valuable defensive contributions.

Competent Defensive Player

Verdugo may be a temporary player, but he can still provide significant value and help the Yankees win.

One-and-Done Player

Verdugo's recent improvement is encouraging as he supports the bottom half of the batting order.

Supporting the Team